Going, Going, Gone!

Today marked the 4th annual Gentlemen's Library Sale at Bonham's auction house in London. Can a gal be more disappointed than to have missed this? The auction featured library furnishings, science curiosities and eccentricities from around the world.

I was looking through the online catalog and would have loved to have purchased half of the items auctioned off. And, the prices realized didn't fetch as much as I had imagined they would. Here are some of my favorites...and, believe me, there were hundreds to pick from! I think I'm going to purchase a catalog since the items are so fantastic!

20th Century Ebonised Chesterfield Settee (fetched £1,440)

Victorian Gilt Timepiece (fetched £120...that's it? Why so cheap?)

Victorian Black Museum Cabinets (fetched £2,880)

Early 19th Century Magnifying Glass (fetched £1,080)

Collection of 19th Century Chemist Bottles (fetched £1.020)

Magnificent 18th Century French Ivory Game (fetched £336)

Oak Club Boards (fetched £168)

19th Century Bone Alphabet Hand Plaque (fetched £240)

Elephant Oval Tooth Box (fetched £216)

William IV Traveling Inkwell (fetched £216)

Silver Royal Coat of Arms (fetched £720)

Photos from bonhams.com


a. said…
That clock is fabulous!!!
Anonymous said…
My preference is for the beautifully worn Chesterfield, (with storage too!). These are some wonderful things which conjure up member's clubs and colonial travel. How did this sale come and go, without any fanfare?
I need that clock.
Jill said…
I adore the timepiece...it's beautiful!
Unknown said…
Oh be still my heart! I LOVE this post, I'm heading over to check it out myself right now. Those Black museum cases are beautiful! I have a new desire now to redo my study into a "gentleman's Library". Beautiful!
Best wishes
Anonymous said…
Oh my GOD! What treasures!! ;)
I just discovered your little piece of the blog-world. Love the French ivory game!
Crave said…
Beautiful finds!!!
Thanks all! I'm going crazy over that clock too. Never seen one like it! Lynn

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