Wiener Dog Party!

It has been unseasonably warm in San Francisco this past week, with temperatures reaching 70 degrees. Totally crazy since most of the country is in freezing cold weather, AND San Francisco is not known for its warm climate!

Yesterday I decided to take a break from antiques and advantage of the weather. I took my poodle, Vito, to the beautiful Pine Lake Park at Stern Grove. It is a great off-leash dog park. There were oodles of dogs frolicking around the park.

I saw about 50 dachshunds in one area. Turns out that there is a monthly dachshund meet-up group at this park. So cute! All of these "wiener dogs" running around! My little Vito crashed the party as seen in the video below. I had never heard about "meet-up" groups. So, I'm starting a San Francisco poodle meet-up group. If you're interested in dog meet-up groups, check and find a group near you!

Video of Dachshund Meet-up at Pine Lake Park, S.F. ~ Vito is crashing the party!


Unknown said…
So cute! What a great idea, I'm going to look into "spoiled little princess" meet-ups for my little Daisy! Sounds like a perfect day for the park!
Barb said…
Hi Lynn,

Happy New Year to you and Vito!
The video was so cute. Vito is quite the charmer.

Crave said…
Love these dogs! It's a toss up between a long hair daschund and a french bulldog. So cute!
Judith, ha! What kind of dog is Daisy? This meet-up thing is the funniest!

Barb, Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for watching the video. Vito is a ham.

Crave, seems like French bulldogs and daschunds are the craze!
prize said…
hi lynn,
vito and his short little legs just kill me.
he is the cutest!
i heart vito!
Anonymous said…
Great Wiener dog shot!
I've so got to get a dog! I've been thinking it for a while, but you've pushed me over the edge!

When I first moved to Paris almost 10 years ago (pre-Amsterdam), a French friend told me "If you are going to survive in Paris (make friends, etc) you need to get either a dog or baby!"

Toma, aka The Antiques Diva
oh those dogs are the best!! cute little nifty sausages they are.

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