Keep or Return?

The other day I was walking through Nordstrom (yes, had to buy socks) and stumbled upon this blush pink purse by Vince Camuto. Never heard of this line, but I thought the bag was quite pretty. Couldn't help myself...had to buy it. Buttery leather and the prettiest blush/neutral pink.

Dilemma...I just saw online that it comes in grey and other colors. I wear mainly black and white.

Do you think it's too "cutesy" or trendy for a 50 year old hag? Which color do you like?


Definitely a keeper...I love it! But like you, I think the grey would be more universal!
Heartbeatoz said…
As a fellow 50 Year old Hag I don't think it's too cutesy but I much prefer it in the Grey more of a classic look to it.
Keep it! I love the ruffles. I prefer pink but if you're a black and white person, get the gray!
The pink is really pretty and light for the coming seasons. I always go for black and gray's. It is hard to break that habit. I just bought a really bright dark pink scarf for spring. So unlike me! I have gotten so many compliments on it. Pink makes you look good! Maybe you should go with your first "instinct" when you saw the bag in the lighter color.

Jill said…
Keep. Keep. I'm 46 and those are sophisticated ruffles. (I prefer the gray but maybe the blush is better for spring and summer)
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Oh I think the bag is divine... both the pink and the grey... The pink is great for that special lift... but if you want to use it everyday.. I'd be going for the grey.... can you get both? too greedy?
Thanks you all! Now I'm really confused :)
Unknown said…
I'm also a fickle 50 year old!
My motto...when in doubt, get both!
Unknown said…
I love the Grey! It is a perfect shade and goes with everything. In ither color that bag is a keeper...maybe keep the Pink AND get the Grey!
Rose said…
Keep the pink, it will be a spot of blush against your neutral clothing palette. I would think that the grey would blend in too much, and you want that buttery blush to be an eye-catcher.
Kerry said…
I would keep for sure and I am feeling the grey!
I am late in commenting on this bag dilemma but I think the gray is more elegant and maybe has a longer life? Gorgeous. Buy both? XO
Cathi said…
Definitely the grey! :)
Janet said…
Keep! And definitely in the pink! It's fabulous!
Dear Lynn,
Considering you all told me to wear my tophat to the supermarket and I'm 59, this is child's play !!Of course you can have it.
Now, the subject of colour. I wear black and grey ALL the time but, I bet you have got LOADS of /grey bags and, now and again, it's really nice to just add a little bit of colour with accessories and, this isn't exactly a bright colour. Up to you though. After all I've just said, I would probably go and change it for the grey !!! Fat lot of help, I've been, !! XXXX
Anonymous said…
It might be too late already and you have made your choice (or combined your choices...), but I'll still leave a comment.

I think that particular shade of pink is very flattering for brunettes. It's not precisely "pink", rather "mauve", it has grey and some violet in, and it's pretty quiet and sophisticated.

The French Grey one, on the other hand, is a bit contradictory: a very conservative, formal color plus ruffles..sometimes it works, but this particular one doesn't quite made it.

I hope you'll tell us which one you choose, at the end!
Cashon&Co said…
KEEP!! KEEP!!! Of course I'm partial to blush & grey....And I love the feminity of it...
Di Overton said…
Of course you had to have it and if you're a 50 year old hag what am I at 58? ;)
Oh honey! Why in the world are you trying to choose? Get them BOTH! ;)

It's like shoes -- if you find some you love, you buy them in ALL colors! ;)


Unknown said…
Add a little color to your life which will soon be surrounded by grey thick fog. Pink blush is definitely something that will cheer you up this spring when the grey has you down... Just my two cents..
Hard decision to make, I normaly would go with the pink, but that is a really pretty gray. I would have to get both, one for the spring and the other for winter. Blessings... Daphne
Unknown said…
It's a total keeper! Who says we can't still be cute when we're slightly mature!
sirenred said…
yes,keep it!if not give it to me.
Virginia said…
Keep it! I love the ruffles. I prefer pink!!!

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