Latest Obssession: Edison Bulbs

photo: rewire

Okay, I'm totally nuts over these Edison light bulbs. Just the bare beauty of them, with their warm nostalgic glow. Breathtaking. I'm trying to think of where I could put one (or more) in my house.

photo: From the Right Bank

They look fabulous in groupings, don't you think?

photo: From the Right Bank

or just a single, simple hanging bulb...

These 1890 antique replica bulbs can be found at, where else? Anthropologie.


katiedid said…
Great look! I hope I can use in a project at some point.
La Dolfina said…
So cool... I agree!!
Anthro has a fabulous selection. Did you see the copper ones?
Gypsy Purple said…
Love that second pic!!!
Di Overton said…
You don't know what you got 'till it's gone :)
vicki archer said…
Yes please...xv
Fargerike Dagny said…
Beautiful.. I'm sad to say that those are illegal to sell here now :(
Hey Lynn,
These are gorgeous! I see one of your friends mentions they're illegal where she is.
We can't let them become illegal here in the states!
Not to get on my soap box but we have to boycott Compact Fluorescent Bulbs instead of just accepting them with an 'oh well, what are you gonna do?' attitude!
From the production of these bulbs in China, to the jobs lost from the closing of US light bulb factories, to the complexity of the bulbs, to the excess Mercury, the plastic packaging, the short life span, the double bagging of plastic in disposal and needing to drive these to a toxic waste dump, the footprint of these... bulbs is enormous.
We have to undo the spin that's been pounded into our collective consciousness to believe these are actually GOOD for the environment.
The EPA says that if these bulbs are disposed of improperly that the WILL contaminate our water supply.
There is a law coming into effect that these bulbs will be mandatory in every room in every building in every country.
Hundreds of millions of them will be out in the world and millions of them (at least) will not be recycled 'properly' at Toxic Waste Dumps that will now have to be built all over the world.
We don't recycle in Miami even though the citizens want it. What are the chances that 3rd world countries are going to recycle?
The common lightbulb has been villanized by companies like GE who will make a great deal of profit by changing every bulb in the world by law.
Meanwhile, the regular incandescent has been shown to last for decades (evidenced by the multitude of antique bulbs still working worldwide), but CFLs have a planned obsolescence and need to be replaced frequently.
We need to discuss the dangers and get society to think about what we're being told to blindly accept.
Please take a look at the links at
Love you, girl!
Claudia, these are okay right, because they aren't the florescent ones? Right?
One Cheap B*tch said…
These are fabulous! Wish I had a place to hang them in my house or maybe I just have to find one!
Anonymous said…
very cool, steam punk
Unknown said…
I love, love, love these Lynn! I just bought three of them and
i have no idea what I'm going to do with them. Claudia actually got me thinking about this light bulb business and I removed all of the other kind in our house and use only the "ol School" kind now, and you know what, the light is so much prettier and softer. She's right, we can't Let them ban our bulbs and force us to use the hazardous ones. These are such a pretty alternative.
They look so lovely! Who wants those absolutely horrendous energy-saving bulbs whose light makes me freeze...
These will be discontinued in a couple of years which infuriates me. i have only be using the bulbs in all my showrooms chandeliers, sconces and table lamps for the past 10 years. they are some great websites where you can buy them in bulk(we go through an incredible amount in our showroom) I am starting to stock up on them. Some of my european lighting designers are working on potential acceptable bulbs with no mercury , as France is stopping the incandescent bulbs within the next year. I simply cannot bear the bulbs with mercury and LED not only cost a fortune but give out a ghastly blue tone and are really not attractive for any beautiful chandelier.
Hey Lynn,
These are the good ones, yes!
I'm so glad some of your readers are concerned. We all should be. If you read the package, there is nothing about the disposal methods, yet all these countries want to outlaw regular bulbs without having Toxic Waste Dumps in place which is beyond irresponsible! We have to revolt!

Check out what the EPA says:

I have a ton of links on my other twitter at and started the blog cause YOU encouraged me, thanks girlfriend!

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