Have You Been to Claridge's Hotel?

This may be the week I should be paying attention to my horoscope or something. Between my friend Janet blogging about the lovely Fortnum & Mason, a friend inviting me to take a short trip with her to the U.K., and then reading about the remodel at Claridge's in London, someone is telling me it's time to go to London!

The legendary Claridge's Hotel was recently re-branded and I'm mesmerized! Forgive me, but I've had to take some of this content from the Full House blog where I discovered it.

London design studio Construct has given the branding of London's famous Claridge's Hotel a thorough overhaul, starting with the hotel's crest which has been redrawn.

isn't this mint green the prettiest color?

They introduced this gorgeous palette of mint green, gold, white and black. Chevron patterns appear on the inside of bags, envelopes and on various objects, publications and goodies only available at the hotel. Sadly not online. Here are a selection of images of some of the items available. I am in love with this color combo and the amenities of this 5 star hotel.

How yummy is this color combo?

And another part of the remodel are some of their recently renovated rooms designed by Diane Von Furstenburg...

London is calling my name...

And the crème de la crème, afternoon tea served on this gorgeous china. Simply scrumptious!

Have you been to Claridge's Hotel before? How about my U.K. blogger friends, eh? It looks absolutely divine!

photo credits: Claridge's Hotel, Full House, Construct


Mela said…
I'm crazy for this match of mint green with black and white, amazing!
Concrete Jungle said…
I have to save up! Isn't it a fabulous job though check out the Savoy while you visit too!
Can you please wrap up that bathroom and hae santa jam it down my chimney????????Maryanne xo
Maryanne! That is, bar none, the FUNNIEST comment of the year!!!!! ANYWHERE! I hereby award you with that award! :)

I knew it was undergoing a major overhaul but didn't realize it was now done. Oh how I would love, love, love to stay there.

Blogger's trip, maybe? ;)

Lissette said…
Amazing! I wish more hotels would re-brand themselves in such a cohesive manner.
Unknown said…
Oh yes, yes, yes! Lynn you must go to London! England is a dream! I actually stayed at the Claridge (many years ago before the remodel) and it was amazing. The perfect location, the perfect everything. London is a remarkable city and the sights and sounds are like no other. It's just beautiful with that history and the tradition. Go, go, go!!! :) A stop in at Harrods wouldn't hurt either, the tea, the shopping, the buildings, the people...Heaven!
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Anonymous said…
oooooohhhh, absolutely gorgeous.

Thank you, Lynn, i needed this!

Just had an unpleasant discussion with someone praising an awful "eclectic" hotel in French countryside...more like a backroom of a fake antique dealer, mismatching everything, bad planning, worse lighting, lots of indiscernible period props and a la Napoleonic Wars' bric-a-brac, with good deal of orchids thrown around ...

This post and photos has cleaned my offended palate. Спасибо!
Oh you should go! And be sure to take lots of pictures for us to drool over. I just went to Germany and Paris, had a few anxieties before going, but so glad I did. Got some fabulous pictures and most importantly, fabulous memories. Paris is truly magical!!!!
FrenchBlue said…
This looks right up our alley! OMG What on earth are we waitng for!?!?!??! I say GO with Irene NOW NOT LATER! The green, the black, the tea, the zebra is the B.E.S.T.!!!!
Uh Uh Uh UH!!

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