I've Been Minxed!

I'm talking about the latest nail sticker/varnish thing that has become a bit of a trend with celebrities. I hadn't heard about it until I saw a photo on Pinterest and then this photo above of this chic young lady taken by Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil.

I got a little obsessed so I visited the Minx Nails site and located a wonderful technician, Chrissy, to professionally apply them.

Chrissy applying my "Minx"

"Minx" is a flexible film, applied with heat and pressure, and does not require any drying time. The foil is applied on the nails like a wrap and stuck on it with the help of heat. Very clever.

The Minx "foil" is available in metallic, patterns and graphics.

I opted for the zany silver toes. Looks kind of like foil. Funny thing, it's bitter cold out, so only I see my feet! I can't believe I'm sharing my feet with you! {Really, it looks better in person than these photos...really}

On average, Minx lasts from 7 to 14 days on the fingers and up to 4 weeks on the toes. That's pretty nifty...

So, thus was my day at Valentino's salon in Burlingame. Don't even let me tell you about the shellac fingernails I got. Maybe next time!

If you want to locate a salon that does Minx nails, visit their website here. It's a fun little pick-me-up, don't you think?

and...it's International everyone!


Now I know what it is called, I read about it last week and I think I really like it. it looks quite glam on those toes of yours Lynn. Sparkle, sparkle. XO
Nita Stacy said…
Your toes look fabulous! I would love to have that done. I don't know if anyone is doing that around here...I'll have to find out. I haven't seen anyone sporting it.
So fun!

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