Illuminating Images...

The holiday season is so magical. The one time of year when you can bask in twinkling lights, glitz and glitter. Everything just seems to glow and shine a little brighter.

Here are some favorite images I've collected that simply glisten...

photo #1; irene suchocki


Oh my goodness Lynne, what a festive and beautiful post. A ton of snow fell here yesterday and last night and it is making the sunshine sparkle today. I get to stay in all cosy and warm today (my one day off) and it is perfect. Hope you are not working too hard Lynne!
I go back to being a wrapping elf tomorrow. XO
Lissette said…
What a gorgeous post! It hasn't snowed here in NYC yet so this definitely has me in the mood for some winter wonderland.
Are those your photos??? They are GORGEOUS!!! Makes me want to grab my camera and go take some pictures now! Even despite the freezing temperatures.
lisa golightly said…
Oh Lynn, this post proves that I'm still distracted by bright and shiny things. Pure magic !
Thanks everyone! Wish I could take photo credit, but no...the credit links are under each photo :)
I love these. My favorite is the one of the key.
by the way, do you want tickets to the san francisco antiquarian book fair in february?
Grazie per le bellissime immagini. Clementina

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