A Sourdough Stocking?

Yep. That's right. Little did I know that the famous Boudin Bakery in San Francisco made seasonal sourdough bread shaped like stockings, snowmen and Christmas trees! 50 years living here and I never knew that!

wrapped up stocking bread

Thanks to my friend Marianne, who spoiled me rotten with holiday gifts. We had our annual holiday lunch the other day, and with no alcoholic beverages present, we managed to laugh ourselves silly.

I generally don't like to brag talk about the gifts I receive, but these were too fun to pass up. AND, you may get some ideas for holiday gifts.

Love the fuzzy scarf that pins to any length, and the fingerless gloves with white faux fur. Perfect for this cold season and so festive!

I think Marianne was spying on my wish list on "Pinterest" and spotted this handsome diffuser by Paddywax called "Library." They have a variety of scents paying homage to literary greats including Poe, Whitman, Thoreau, Austen & Dickens. It smells wonderful and the packaging is great, isn't it?

I adore this book, Taschen's Paris. Taschen always has the most fabulous books, and this one is a beauty! Hardcover with amazing photos and descriptions of Dr. Angelika Taschen’s personal Parisian favorites – hotels, boutiques, restaurants, bars, cafés, and more. Available here. {you must get this}

You may be asking, what is this? A faux fur cat tail? Yep. Well, according to Marianne, "All the girls in Laguna Beach wear them."

Well, gotta stay in vogue with those Southern California gals, so yours truly now has a cat tail hanging from her bag!

So, there you have it. My fun gifts from the delightful Marianne (who wouldn't let me take a photo of her...)

I'm eating my yummy sourdough stocking now...remembering just why I love San Francisco...you may want to order one of these as a gift. Boudin delivers. These are super good....

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Nita Stacy said…
Those are great gifts! That's not a real cat tail is it? Is it real fur? I don't think I could do that...no matter how in it is. That said....I have a silver bag that needs a white one!
Nita Stacy said…
Oh...yes....I see now...faux fur...then I DO need one! I wonder if they have them here in OKC. I'll have to go looking.
What fabulous pressies Lynn and each one so individual. I love the way the sourdough stocking was wrapped and the book about Paris needs to be on my present list.
.....I can just see you with your bag slung over your shoulder and a cat tail hanging from it !! Hehe XXXX
wait...what if it is a real fox tail or something?
La Dolfina said…
Nice friend!!!!
And what did you get her?
FrenchBlue said…
How sweet she is!! To know Marianne is to love her. I know you are a good deserving friend to get such fun gifts from someone so special. Your holidays are extra bright this year. I think because you have been a very very good girl:)
You are a very good girl to get all these lovely gifts. The book looks wonderful and just may jump over to Amazon to order it. I love how the sourdough is packaged and the candle of course. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season Lynn. Much love XO
vicki archer said…
Your lunch sounded wonderful and your goodies irresistible....xv
Lisa & Alfie said…
The girls got style! Fabulous gifts Marianne! Lucky girl Lynn!
That cat tail is hysterical.
Lisa & Alfie

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