Nana had a Pouf.

There's a little bit more that we didn't know about Nana Goldfinger. She had a pouf. That's right. A pouf! I found these photos along with her "indoor shade" photos. I thought poufs were a recent thing. A, no. Guess they have been around for years. Duh. Wonder what color that one really is?

Hmmm...what do you think about Nana's living room? I do remember that couch being about 40 feet long! The print above it is a wee bit small in scale for that sofa. Just my opinion.

I remember thinking the round table was kind of cool...

I love the barkcloth drapes...very tropical and hip. 'No' on the plastic flowers on the sideboard...

{Now don't you think Nana would be happy that her photos didn't end up in an old box, but shared with you all?}


Not really digging the bedroom. I do adore the pillows though. No offense to my Nana who was obviously proud enough to take pictures of the rooms. I'm just thinking about how ahead we are today with pulling things together in a different way. Just sayin.'

I do want a pouf now more than ever. Going to have to kick myself for not taking my Dads offer on some of this furniture. I was young. I want Nana's pouf!


Unknown said…
Thanks Lynn. Love the pics. I have the Stiffel lamp that's shown in picture three. How cool.
Nancy's Notes said…
Oh my, look at those photographs, they are just so awesome! And she had a pouf, maybe you'll find one somewhere!

Unknown said…
I love how your Nana's furniture gave a little deco nod with the vases and I think she was very brave to use the turquoise and red and I love that color combination. The picture over the couch may have been smallish, but it looked like a French scene. I think that your Nana had her own thing going. Very cool. Love all of your postings. Tina
24 Corners said…
I wish I had pictures from my "Nana's" home...I remember it having the same clean 50's/60's lines as your Nana's, so similar really. I love how she used color and I love that she had a pouf, stylish lady!
xo J~
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness! Lynn, these pics are awesome! I love that you have your Nana's pics and that she was so stylish and savvy! This is great!!!
Kelly said…
Wow, my grandma had that same ornate gold mirror, in her entryway! I agree, the art about the couch is small for the space -- but it looks like a cool piece.
Thanks Phil, Nancy, Christina, 24 Corners, Judy and Kelly for your comments!

It's so funny that my Dad had these random photos in a box. Who would have thought that I'd be blogging about them some day?

Thanks again for stopping by!

Wow, you could almost live on that couch. love it.
1589jaipur said…
nice pics, all things are old and beautiful
What great photos and I remember all these furniture styles. You really must get a pouf lynn, it will make you smile every time you see it. Cool Nana. XO
sheri said…
Kelly spoke of the ornate looks like your Nana had not one, but two of the "Syrocco" mirror and pair of sconces sets! Many years ago I sold these and other decorative accessories for Home Interiors out of Dallas! I am OLD!
Anonymous said…
Yes, the print is rather on a smaller scale compared to sofa - but look how she tried to accessorize: those cushions are picking up the accent colors in the print. Even the bedroom might have come together - if she changed the wall paint into something other than white.
And I too love the drapes, especially the lambrequin - a neat update on the 18th cent device, with that bark cloth.
And those glass figurines - I wonder if they are Czechoslovakian. Did your Nana had two or did she moved one from one picture to another to style the shot?
Sheri and Creaky...I have a feeling that the sconces/mirror and the glass were photographed at different times. I remember my other grandma telling me that Nana liked to redecorate, so they were probably moved around. I doubt she would have doubles, don't you? Thanks for stopping by! Lynn
Jennifer said…
I used to be a travel director at a senior living facility - their apartments look just like this! My antique business partner and I would go to estate sales there and there wouldn't be 1 item we would want! Thanks for a good laugh, Jennifer jennsthreegraces
At least she had the house to decorate! Her furnishings are a time capsule for the 50's and 60's.....and she enjoyed decorating and having photos; all good! My Nana, her sister, only had a little studio apartment on Sutter Street a block or so up from Union Square so she never got to do much with decor. She was quite handy with crocheting and had hand done blankets around. Did your Nana crochet Lynn? I know their parents were tailors so I am sure they learned from them. Also Nana was quite the piano player; played by ear, no music. My brother inherited that ability too! Did Frances play?
Just interesting factoids to compare. We know they both enjoyed their casino trips to play slots!
I loved the silver dollars she used to bring us!

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