Happy Weekend...

We are on our third (?) week of storms and constant rain here in San Francisco, so I am laying low this weekend. Oh Spring, where are you?

Wishing you all a great weekend! Hope you have some signs of Spring in your area!

image: imkemper


Bu0n fine settimana anche a te! In Italia oggi è primavera!
Divine Theatre said…
It isn't here, I assure you! LOL!
anyaadores said…
Happy weekend to you - whilst staying indoors away from rain, you should come and check my blog giveaway - think you'll adore it.
Very nice ... happy weekend. In Argentina today is rainy too!

Unknown said…
There is snow on the ground today. I sure miss Mr. Sun!!!! I hope he hurries!
You "pour" thing!!!!! I know you SF people are not used to that much bad weather......... But take heart it will change...... Oh and I loved your post on Elizabeth Taylor..... Beautiful job..... I will miss her too...... Maryanne xo

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