With St. Patty's Day just around the corner, I think it's fitting to post some of my favorite 'green with envy' images. Such talented photographers. Enjoy!

Mark Shaw fashion photo, Walking at Palais Royale 1959

via sfgirlbybay



first image: Mark Lebbell


That was fun, I enjoyed the images. Green with envy - my favorite is the shoes photo.
Nita Stacy said… what great green stuff. Love that Fleurs sign. And love the shoes too....well all these photos are great.
Anonymous said…
oh I want that green hat!!!
Thank you, Lynn, what an inspiring seleciton
Unknown said…
fabulous photographs... adore the vintage classic clothing and photography and artistic designs.
Well done and thank you for sharing.
Unknown said…
Goodness! I feel the need to pin this entire post! Beautiful!
Julie Vetter said…
With the trees full of lavendar blossoms in spring, I would love to see you do lavendar. Your beautiful images make me happy.
Julie Vetter said…
It would be wonderful to see your take on lavender, with the purple trees in blossom in Paris this spring, your other color posts are so scrumptious.

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