Happy Weekend + Find the Photo!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

I've just been playing the "endless loop game" as I like to call it. You know, you find a photo on say, Tumblr, with no image credit which leads you to another Tumblr post and so on and so on...There so many photos I love on my Pinterest boards, but I won't use them on this blog, cause no photo credit!

So.... the way the game works is you tell me the photographer or source of the above image and I send you a little prize. First one to find the credit wins!

Bonne Weekend!


Oh, so I am not the only one! Especially Tumblr, don't think I have found a credit yet. It is like following the rabbit down the hole to say nothing of the time. I am sort of puzzled by it actually. Good post. XO
FrenchBlue said…
know not but know I want those bracelets and ring! UH!
If YOU can't find it I am not even going to try!!!!!!It is a great pic. Maryanne ;)
vicki archer said…
Don't know...sorry Lynn...but it's pretty all the same...Happy Sunday....xv
Melissa said…
Dunno but that skirt is yummy!

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