Here Comes the Bride...

The clock is ticking and we're just hours away from the Royal Wedding. It begins around 3:00 am my time, so it's going to be an early morning. I don't plan on missing anything!

I'll be huddled up with my little Vito enjoying some scones and tea...

How often do we get to attend a magnificent Royal Wedding? UK friends, please let us know what's going on across the pond!

How will everyone be celebrating if by chance you can't attend in person?

Happy Wedding!

image one: London Connection


Jacqueline said…
Hi Lynn,
So sorry that I haven't been around.....major computer trouble !! ..... plus, I don't think that Blogger loves me anymore as it wont let me do much !
Well, it's all getting very exciting over here......bride and groom to be, best man and other members of the wedding party have been seen around London, going to rehearsals. William played football last night and drove away afterwards on a very powerful motorbike !! The other members of the football teams were told not to tackle too hard !! All of the soldiers, coaches and horses, police etc. have had numerous rehearsals too. I can't wait. It's lovely to know that you are looking forward to it as well. Must catch up for a de-briefing later. Enjoy all of the pomp and ceremony and those lovely scones. Will be thinking of you as I watch. XXXX
Julie Khuu said…
How exciting it must be!!! We're on countdown here in the States as well, but with tabloid news's just not the same...Can't wait to come back for more info! Thanks for sharing!


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24 Corners said…
Are you even going to sleep...might as well just stay up! Actually, your probably being very smart and are already in bed, dreaming of fairytale weddings and scones...I wonder what Vito is dreaming about!
Happy Royal Wedding!!!
xo J~
A rootdigger said…
Great pics

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