What if You Were Crowned Princess for a Day?

There has been much speculation regarding Kate Middleton wearing a tiara on her wedding day. Traditionally, tiaras are given to Royal brides as the "something borrowed" by the reigning Queen.

Russian Fringe Tiara 1919

Will it be the Russian Fringe diamond tiara worn by the Queen, the Queen Mother, Queen Mary and the Princess Royal? Will it be the Spencer family tiara worn by Princess Diana? Or will the Queen give Kate a tiara as a wedding gift, as she did her other daughters-in-law? Or will Kate just skip convention all together?

Here's a little "Royal Bling" to get you in the spirit!

The Spencer Family Tiara

The Oriental Circlet Tiara, made for Queen Victoria in 1853

Made for Florence, the wife of the second Baron Poltimore, treasurer to Queen Victoria's household 1872-1874. Later owned by HRH Princess Margaret.

diamond tiara, c. 1930

Sarah, Duchess of York tiara

If you were crowned Princess or Queen, which tiara would you want to wear, or would you?

tiara images from here & here & here


Herbgirl said…
Oh my.....I can't pick just one so can I wear them all? Who hasn't dreamed of being a princess.............
Hugs N Herbal Blessings, Mandy
I must say, the Windsor Family tiara speaks to me...
I must say, the Windsor Family tiara speaks to me- I like the curved design! All so sparkly and beautiful though
Slim Paley said…
Please put me down for the one made for Florence.
Paula said…
The Spencer family tiara -- elegant, but dainty!
Anonymous said…
Ah, if I were a Princess...we are in a dangerous territory of "total abandon and decadence"! OK, I'm sport: I'll take Sarah's, Duchess of York one.
Please deliver wrapped and ribboned!
great minds! thank you for stopping in to say hello, and yes, would you believe it began over a week ago & was only completed today?

{p.s.} think kate would look wonderful in the scroll diamond tiara

Jemimagold said…
My 2 favorites are the Russian Fringe Tiara and the last one with the big pearl drops. Regarding Duchess of York's tiara, is that her personal tiara or just the one she wore at her wedding?
I heard on tv that she is wearing the Russian Fringe. I like the one Sarah wore or the fourth one down too. I'm trying my best not to get caught up in the hoopla...because kings and queens seem so outdated for today. And seeing her wear Princess Diana's ring makes me sad. I think she needed a different ring. Not like that ring has good luck attached to it. Actually seems like bad luck. Anyway...I wasn't planning on watching but with all the talk about it online and on tv...I guess I will. I do want to see her dress.
Well, I would DEFINITELY want to wear a tiara. In fact, I'd want to wear one every single day! Any of them would do just fine although I am a bit partial to the oriental circlet. All are so sparkly and beautiful!


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