Where the Past Meets the Present

Have you had a chance to see the new shelter and lifestyle magazine, Anthology?

The talented editor Anh-Minh Le and creative director Meg Mateo Ilasco cover décor, travel, design, entertaining, and culture with wonderful narratives in this beautiful print, yes print, publication.

What a fabulous publication it is -- chock-filled with goodies. Anthology is printed on such quality paper stock that you don't want to ear-mark the pages!

The latest Winter issue, "Where the Past Meets the Present" is filled with such great nostalgia that you must pick up a copy. I especially loved the feature "Once & Again," where members of a Flickr group return to the scene of an old snapshot and align it to create a new photo. Very clever!

So, of course I had to scour through boxes of old photos to find one whose setting was close enough in proximity to visit. The sleuth that I am, I quietly snuck up to my childhood home (not too far away from where I live now) and tried to "match" the photo to the original scene. After the shots, I jetted off as fast as I could!

This is my Mom holding my childhood dog. Actually the grass looks greener now, doesn't it?

My cousin, friend and I (middle) in front of my house, 1972.

I didn't do too well aligning the above photo, but you get the overall feel, right?

You definitely may want to try this little snapshot idea. It's a lot of fun seeing what has changed about the old surroundings and melding the past with the present.

Also, be sure and check out Anthology magazine. It's printed quarterly. Visit their website here to subscribe and find out the stockists in your area. Issue 3 to be out any time now!


Would love to find this magazine, I will check in Michigan. Boy, do you look like your beautiful Mom Lynn!

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