Sweet San Francisco

photo: Miette Confiserie, Hayes Valley (look at the gumdrop tree!)

Miette, one of my favorite "sweet haunts" in San Francisco, recently opened up their third location in San Francisco's Marina district.

Photo: Miette Patisserie, Ferry Building

Each location has fabulous vintage-inspired decor. Dreamy places of wonderment. Pastel-colored pedestal cake plates, candy-colored furnishings, vintage glass jars filled with colorful malt balls... a Willy Wonka for us older folks!

The Patisserie in San Francisco's Ferry Building has an amazing selection of cakes and cupcakes, tarts, macaroons, cookies and more. All made with the finest and freshest ingredients. Believe me, even the boxes are worth the trip!

The Confisserie has the most beautiful selection of candy you can imagine. Upon entering the shop, there is a large tree made of gumdrops. It's Candy Land! There are apothecary jars from the floor to ceiling, with imported Dutch licorice, beautiful pastel salt water taffy, and the finest chocolates from around the world. And, on the weekends they have rose-geranium cotton candy that is to die for!

One of the greatest things about Miette is the presentation. Whenever I want to buy a special "candy" gift for someone, the wonderful staff at Miette takes so much time in wrapping each little bag with care. One tiny $3 bag of candy is wrapped with a bow and sticker and looks amazing. Once I purchased a box of assorted candies and it was the most beautiful presentation--who could eat it?

If you're coming to San Francisco, be sure and visit Miette. You'll love it! You can visit their website here for locations and hours.


Shell Sherree said…
Oh my, my. I don't know which I'm more in love with: the decor or the cakes and candies {or lollies as we call them}. How pretty. And the cotton candy {fairy floss} sounds amazing. A lovely post, thank you ~ if I ever go to SF, I'll be visiting Miette.
Anonymous said…
Eye candy... all the way!
ana said…
Beutiful store!!! mmm I'm hungry now...
I want to LIVE in that shop! :)

The chocolate cupcakes with white (really SMOOTH) frosting and the red candy in the middle just blew me away...

Shutting off my computer, turning out the lights, heading home to BAKE! I wish... :)

Thanks so much for the fun!

Reminds me of the patisseries in Paris! The gorgeous confections are to die for!
FrenchBlue said…
I coming up now not later and you are taking me Here!! I want the chocolate cake with white frosting! AND the Laduree green round cake!
Now not later!!
uh uh uh~
I just discovered your blog - it's gorgeous! And the Miette post instantly grabbed my attention, for I am a SF gal! In fact, my little girl's middle name is Miette (meaning little crumb or little pearl depending on the defining source). Anyway, I'm hooked on your blog...thank you.
Unknown said…
Hi Lynn!!! What are you doing to me!! This post is *yummy*! It is like a mini Laduree here in California! I think I would do a road trip just to visit! :) Wow! Great post (as always)!!!
Thanks you all. Why don't you take a trip up here and we can all go to Miette for cake? Doesn't that sound like fun? Lynn
vicki archer said…
This looks like a very dangerous destination...xv
I thought you could only find pastries that lovely in Paris.
Mélanie said…
that looks like wonderland !!!
Alkemie said…
Wow Lynn, What a fabulous dessert shop in my own backyard and I didn't even know. Thanks for the fantastic post!

Karen O.
Gaia said…
WOW! How sweet they are! I love the decor, the cakes, the candies everything!

nice blog
Hope you'll have a nice weekend and, who knos, maybe you'll come to visit me when back!
See ya!

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