I laughed myself silly when I stumbled upon this photo online. This lady smoking her cigarette in a plastic-lined room is just classic, don't you agree?

I remember my grandmother's large off-white plastic covered sofa. It was like sitting on a big sheet of Saran Wrap!

Did you have family or friends that covered their sofas or draperies in plastic? How about lamp shades? Because, God forbid, we wouldn't want to ruin them, would we?

photo: unknown


Donna Lethal said…
I am so in love with this picture. Everything about it.
Love it! I want the plastic covered sofa and I want to be that woman! She and the sofa seem at odds with one another. Cracks me up!
vicki archer said…
She is fab....and yes I remember friends of my parents who lived with plastic wrapped her bag! xv
Hi Lynn,
I can remember going to peoples houses where they had plastic on the carpet in the hall and in front of the sofa and, throws on the sofa but, I have NEVER been in a room COVERED in plastic!!!!
A brilliant image and, don't you think that the woman looks a little like an older Amy Winehouse ?
Have a lovely day Lynn. XXXX
Unknown said…
too funny- remember distant relatives- remember when you went to get up and you were completely stuck!

Thanks everyone...this lady just cracks me up!!

sheri said…
My HS boyfriend's furniture...seemed like the plastic was on it when it was was pretty goofy!

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