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Cheers to a Happy Weekend!

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Wouldn't that be the spot to spend the weekend. Hope blue skies are showing through Lynn and that the fog has lifted a bit so you can enjoy. XO
........ and, cheers to you and yours Lynn. We've had rain for the past two days, so a bit of sun would be very welcome.
Thanks so much for your comment.....I think that I might have frightened a few of my followers away with that one !! They think that I'm all flowery, frothy and nice !!
Cheers again and I'll have a glass for you. XXXX
Sorry Lynn,
I think that I forgot to thank you for your words of concern regarding the riots. It has calmed down now but, who knows if it will last. I know that you have this in your country as does France, Canada and many, many more countries. This came mostly from greed rather than disillusionment and, when you see the hundreds, no, actually thusands that have been charged, they are all from different backgounds,ages, colour and creed. There were solicitors, millionaires daughters, postmen as well as the underprivileged. Lets hope that we can find some solutions.
After all of that doom and gloom, have a great weekend !! XXXX
Anonymous said…
Thank you for lovely images and well wishes. Same to you and more, Lynn!

You are an example to me how to look for beauty in life despite the troubles and worries. Be well!

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