Sneak Peek...

I nearly tripped over myself when I spotted this antique souvenir mirror from the 1900 Exposition Universelle, Paris. It was calling my name and I had to have it!

The color of the crushed velvet is the most lovely faded mauve. The beveled mirror has the perfect amount of age...

The gold appliques such as the "1900" and the Eiffel Tower send me...

The question was... Do I keep it or sell it?

The will be available for purchase next week!!!


It's beautiful! I'd keep it for at least a while until you're really ready to let this dream find go to a new home.
Oh, what a find Lynn. All I can think of is, who used it ? It conjours up so many images in my mind. XXXX
That is a beautiful piece. I would have tripped, and threw my body over it. Hold on to it for a while.
Mélanie A. said…
This is a masterpiece . I know how you feel , we sometimes have to sell pieces whe should have kept .
Bon week end
It is a difficult decision..... Go with your gut..... The saving grace is something even better will come along.....!!!!maryannexo

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