Book Release Sneak Peek!

See this photo above? It's the beautiful paper art of Noel from Fanciful Designs & the lovely home of Noel's mom, my dear friend, Janet of FrenchBlue.

Guess what? We're all featured in an upcoming book!

Jacqueline deMontravel, editorial director of Romantic Homes, Victorian Homes and Cottages & Bungalows magazines, has just launched her latest book, Hers: Design with a Feminine Touch, being released in December.

I'm humbled to share that my home is included among 25 others, and my living room made the cover!

Hers offers 224 pages of stylish ways for creating your own private retreat, with sidebars, tips and tricks along with inspiring photography.

I'm thrilled to offer you limited-edition copies signed by the author. To pre-purchase this book, please click here. Copies should arrive by the first of December.

Thanks for peeking!


Unknown said…
GAHHH what a great peek!
FrenchBlue said…
It was so fun to display Noel's Art that day Jacqueline came over.. It was One Big Party...paper flowers everywhere! Congratulations again Lynn for making the cover! I can't wait to see more of the book!
Uncle Beefy said…
OMGollyjeewillakers, Lynn! That is *AWESOME*! Three big cheers! You've earned it, you deserve it! BIG hugs! Congrats! :)
Thank you so much!!
Anonymous said…
OMG I can't believe it! Congrats, Lynn and Janet. I still have my shots from oh so long ago... xoxc
Anonymous said…
That's your living room?
Ok....trying not to hate you....
Anonymous said…
Oh do you know where that print of Coco came from? It's the same as the one in Claridge's Fumoir - I too have a thing for old grand hotels.

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