Small Business Saturday

Black Friday, Cyber Monday. Most of us have heard and seen these names blasted over and over entering the holiday shopping season.

But, what about Small Business Saturday? Have you heard of it? Tomorrow (Saturday) celebrates the second "Shop Small Movement" to drive business to local merchants across the US, helping them to create jobs, fuel the economy, and invigorate retail in communities across the country.

Being a small business myself, I can totally relate.

Today when I watched the news and saw people camped out at 12:00 am in front of Target awaiting the sales, I was horrified. Some people were gun shot, another pepper-sprayed. What's happened to this country? Has consumerism gone mad?

So, after my leisurely wake-up this morning, I decided to visit a small local boutique, Mio, in San Francisco. Not for any special sale, but because I knew that the bulk of shoppers were at the big chains, and that this particular neighborhood would be quiet. Indeed it was. I was able to actually find parking, buy a couple of clothing items, and head back home. So pleasant.

So many reasons to shop local and patronize your "Mom and Pops." From avoiding crowds, to helping your community, we can make a difference.

A couple of outstanding points from the Business Insider:
  • Revenue from Small Business Saturday might enable merchants to keep prices low and stock even more of those hard-to-find goodies you love.

  • Help your community. As U.S. News reported, local businesses reinvest in the local economy 60 percent more than larger chains and retailers.

  • One-of-a-kind gifts. Best Buy won't be carrying that handmade iPad cover you've been after or the delicate silk chemise shipped direct from Austin. If it's originality you crave, go local.

  • Incredible deals. To help entice customers to small businesses, American Express is offering a $25 limited statement of credit to cardholders who pre-register their Amex card on the Small Business Saturday Facebook page.

So, won't you join the effort in helping by participating in Small Business Saturday? It's truly a civilized way to shop, don't you think? And let's support small businesses all year 'round!


HI Lynn!
I am totally behind you on this!!!!! I can not believe what I am seeing!!!!!! Yesterday we were busy at the shop..... but it was so civilized!!!!!! People coming and going, shopping ,families and friends that have patonized the shop for years coming to say hello and just ENJOY the beginning of the season. I think the big box stores are creating their own hell... We will still do it this manner as long as we can..... ;)Maryanne xo

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