Find the Photo!


Remember when I blogged about crediting images? Seems I'm getting more frustrated trying to find sources for lovely images I come across. I thought I'd start this (weekly?) little guessing game/scavenger hunt of "find the photo!"

Does anyone know where this lovely image originated from?


I don't know but it is beautiful.
Me! said…
You'll love this if it works. My son told me about a website that will find an identical photograph if it has been published on another website, but here is his response to me, and the caveat, "It is called and it works well, although it still doesn't have that much of the internet catalogued so it takes a bit of luck for it to have seen any given picture before."

Good luck! I hope it works for you!

oh gosh, I've posted this picture on CrushParty too! I credited girlyme on tumblr, so I tried to trace it back. I got as far as which was a dead end for the original source or photographer. Shoot. Sorry. But at least I know where I found it...I hate it when the "popcorn trial is eaten..." xo
Me! --OMG! This is very cool. Thank you! I just tried it with this photo, no luck. Then tried a different photo and found one match via Tumblr. So, I bet that as more images get put on the site, this could be a most valuable tool. Will be blogging about it. And thank your son for the great tip!

Champagne/Stich -- How funny! We must have the same taste in photography. Thanks for "sleuthing" for me. That endless trail of searching always happens, doesn't it? I spend way too much time trying to track photos and end up at a dead end. I'm not gonna give up yet! :)
Paris Atelier said…
Hi Lynn,
It's gorgeous, wherever the source is! I am excited about the website Me! listed!!! I'm going to try it now too. Thank you for the info!
I won't be much help for you Lynn but the photograph is so fabulous that it will be worth the hunt. Much love XO
Anonymous said…
That is one beautiful dress, whoever the author of the photo...
Napoleonic Empire, in the late years, the time of decadence...
Andi said…
I don't BUT that is absolutely gorgeous!
Me! said…
Ooh! I'm so happy that you had some success! I did too, I only tried one photo, but found it, ON MY BLOG! This could be great!
aka Debbi Thinks Deep
Chelsea said…
Ugh, I've been trying to find the source of this gown too (in the hopes of seeing the hem, or the back.. SOMETHING!). So I used Tinyeye but that just led me here, so that was no help. :-( I hope you find the source soon.

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