A BIG Surprise!

Today my friend Kimberlee (of Edgar & Edgar) stopped by and brought me the sweetest gifts! A GIANT vintage paper mache walnut box! Before you scratch your head, there is a story behind this...

One day I was taking photos of Kimberlee's house and couldn't help but notice her great collection of vintage walnuts. This started me on yet, another collection. I bought some walnuts from Kimberlee and then started receiving them as gifts. Now Kimberlee gave me the largest walnut I've ever seen! I must add that she has quite the knack for presentation. The gifts were wrapped in black and white with her custom, Edgar & Edgar ribbon!

What a cute holiday card. She attached a pink shield-shaped card with a gold lions head. Clever Kimberlee.

Kimberlee decorated a large chocolate bar with a black silhouette bird and a large star. Beautiful!

An antique dome with my collection of walnuts

My husband bought me this "real" walnut pendant that has a little pocket knife in it. Quirky and fun. Okay, I'm a little odd.

And last, a close-up of my walnut. Thanks so much Kimberlee! I am really touched. Perhaps we'll inspire some bloggers to collect walnuts?


a. said…
That is AWESOME!
irenie said…
We have a walnut tree-but no walnuts-too many squirrels !
LiLi M. said…
Great idea! There must be some fab walnuts somewhere. When I was about 10 my neighbour who was the sweetest person on earth and well in her sixties, presented me with a walnut with a tiny antique blue perfume bottle in it. That wallnut could be opened (and closed of course). There was a little empty hole too, ment for a tiny funnel ( is this the right word? It's a tool to poor liquid through a small hole). But the funnel was already missing. I heard that later from my neighbours daughter. I still have the tiny glass bottle, smaller than 1 " but the walnut has disappeared. My mother probably threw it away. I collected way too much junk, so she probably thought it was just a walnut. :-(
I love your blog and I love Edgar & Edgar too.
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Unknown said…
Lynn! What a beautiful post! I love the idea of collecting Walnuts, I've never heard of it before, but how amusing, and fun! I don't know what I love more the packaging or the display, bith so lovely!!!

Wishing you and yours, a beautiful holiday filled with warmth and laughter!
Festive thoughts your way!
Anonymous said…
yum, so good, and such good friends.
Anonymous said…
This was nuts *lol* no but really, cute! I loved it!

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, God jul til din svenske mann, I hope all your wishes will come true!

Best wishes from Mette
I always discover something unusual and fun reading your blog. Walnuts. Who thought that something like this can look so cool!
What a fabulously unique collection.
I will never look at a walnut in the same way again!
Happy Holidays.

lady jicky said…
I have never seen such a thing! Wonderful.
I love that! Kimberlee has a lot of style...and always has such great presentation!

Happy Holidays,
Very pretty,everything.I love the card.Lucky you.Have a wonderful New Year.Marie Antionette
Di Overton said…
Wow what a beautiful post. Happy 2009 (I have written a post on how to survive it)
Anonymous said…
What a fun collection. I'd never think to collect walnuts but you make it work. And such clever idead for displaying them.
Mélanie said…
What a nice gift !
and this is a lovely collection

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