Chanukah Wrap-Up

I hope you enjoyed your holiday! I had a fun eight days of Chanukah, but I must say I'm glad that it's over. Time to relax and take a breath.

I've enjoyed reading my favorite blogs with beautiful photos of Christmas trees and decor, so I thought I'd share a little of my Chanukah with you. We attended 4 Chanukah parties during the 8 days. It was fun seeing family and friends. The traditional meal is potato latkes, (potato pancakes) which reminds us of the miracle of the oil that burned for eight days when the Maccabees rededicated the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. I guess you could say I'm "latked-out" for another year!

Glitter dreidel box by Denise Sharp
Every year I have a small Chanukah party with about 10-ish people. It's always challenging finding fun Chanukah decor since it's technically not a religious holiday and has become more commercialized since it falls around Christmastime. Other than the cardboard "Happy Chanukah" banners and party shop variety, there is not a lot of whimsical decor. I had been talking to Denise Sharp and she mentioned that she had these cute glitter dreidel boxes. I bought two of them and they worked great with my small centerpiece.

I decided on a white/gold/silver color theme with a bit of blue. I'm not a big fan of dark blue, but I actually found Chanukah party "poppers" and couldn't resist using them as table favors. I pulled out the sterling flatware and cloth napkins. That's big for me since I don't entertain much. Some white rose bouquets in small silver vases with a hint of purple flowers were on the dining and coffee tables. We served fresh latkes hot off the pan (they don't taste the same reheated), chicken, veggies, etc. Chanukah sugar cookies and ice cream, chocolate Chanukah gelt (coins), small gifts for the kids. Then there are the traditional Chanukah prayers and songs.

We lit the menorahs and there were candles lit all over the house. I must say that there is a certain amount of "Christmas-envy" when you're Jewish, with all of the traditions, decor... Christmas is magical! Chanukah is called the "festival of lights" and has its beautiful traditions as well. I decided that instead of stressing over "cute" Chanukah decor, I'm going to start collecting menorahs (I currently have two). There are so many beautiful antique and new menorahs, and they look amazing when lit up during the holiday.

My cousin has a collection of about 10 menorahs, 8 of which are diffferent wire animals. I'm going to purchase this one here.

Thanks for letting me share my Chanukah. Hope you had a great holiday! My house still smells of greasy cooking oil, but that will dissipate soon. Until next year...


Anonymous said…
i have a beautiful menorah made out of mahjong tiles. my sister found it in new york. my house still smells oily but you are right, nothing tastes like a fresh out of the pan latke. i washed my hair before i got into bed the night of our party, i smelled like a french fry truck.
a. said…

Happy New Year to you!
Margie, I'm laughing about your hair and a French fry truck! My house still smells like that! You're menorah sounds very interesting. Thanks for your comments!
Anonymous said…
Lynn! Thank you - you are so sweet!

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