J. Crew and the Liquor Store

I was excited to read MA Belle's post about the J. Crew men's shop in New York City. J. Crew's first menswear-only boutique takes the place of the former Liquor Store Bar in Tribeca. The store was designed by Andy Spade and his business partner, Anthony Sperduti.

The vintage decor looks phenomenal with its dark paneling and antique displays, leather club chairs, old books and more. They even carry a new line of Red Wing boots, so worn that they look like you've worn them for a lifetime. Old school pieces such as vintage Timex watches add a touch of vintage. It's refreshing that they didn't "modernize" it and kept all the original fixtures such as the bar and fireplace. Now this looks like a fun place to shop!

I love the black and white theme with the old liquor signs...so chic!

What a great idea to use the bar rail to display ties. The hatstands are great!

Such a great juxtoposition of style. Love the old fireplace and lady portrait above it!
Andy Spade's advice for cultivating personal style; "Go back to your history and where you came from. Research things that are special to you and not available to everyone."

All photos courtesy of J. Crew and Brian Berman


Anonymous said…
I have never been to the Liquor store, but I have been to the new womens store on Madison Avenue. It is very chic.

I have review of the Liquor store on my blog. It can be found here.

I agree. I love the way they repurposed many of the original bar fixtures rather than ripping them out and sending them to a landfill. What a great looking store!
Leigh, what an interesting blog you have! I just read Amy's review on the Liquor Store. Interesting...I wonder if others feel the same way about the mix. In any event, it certainly caught my eye because of the vintage aspect. The photos look great. The shopping may be another thing all together. Thanks again for your comments!
Alkemie said…
This is a totally cool concept! I love the ties on the bar~

Karen O.
Absolutely Fantastic Post!
XX Deb
The store looks fantastic -- love the old-world feel and the location is inspired.
Carla said…
What a gorgeous looking shop. So lovely to buy things in a place that looks good. Carla
Unknown said…
i was just in NYC and completely missed it - boo!
it looks so charming - i love it!
I love it! Inspiring...
What a great shop. Love all the displays, brilliant!
Di Overton said…
I love to see old shops keeping their original signage etc. In Paris there are more than you could shake a stick at.

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