The Lovely Package

Oh no, yet another blog to add to my reading! I stumbled upon this blog, while reading d. sharp journal. I've spent most of my morning looking at all of the lovely packaging. What fun gift boxes at Maison Bertaux in London (above), designed by Harriman Steel. "Shop at Maison Bertaux, it’s where fashion meets cake." How cute are these? If you are in London, I'd definitely purchase something there, just to present someone with one of those boxes!

I'd love a bottle of St-Germain, designed by Sandstrom Partners. “St-Germain is an artisan French liqueur made from hand-picked wild elderflowers." An elegant bottle for your to serve your guests with!

The vintage-style imagery & quirky humor is great on these mints by Red Dog Candy, box designed by Moxie Sozo.

Okay, now you can see what I've been doing this morning. Check out Lovely Package-- "the leading source for the very best that package design has to offer."

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a. said…
Thanks for posting about this blog! My mom owns a packaging company and I try to send her some cool sites when I can.
Di Overton said…
I am a box junkie, I just can't throw them away
irenie said…
Fantastic packaging!
Alkemie said…
I love packaging! What beautiful examples! Love the bottle. I'm addicted to boxes too.

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