How Can They?

My favorite year 'round nail polish is Chanels', "Marilyn." It is the prettiest shade of reddish-pink, and looks great on the fingers and toes. Quite a unique color. I just found out that it's been discontinued. Oh, what to do. Don't you hate when you find the perfect make-up color or perfume and it's discontinued?

Do you think we can all write Chanel and rally to bring it back? Any suggestions for nails colors?


vicki archer said…
I just hate that! Pretty colour btw...not that it is a great help to say that! xv
Stephanie said…
You may need to bring your remaining bottle out shopping with you so you can try and match the shade to another brand. I had to do this with a chanel lipstick that was discontinued and came up with a pretty close match. I don't know why Chanel discontinues some of their most popular colors (remembers chanel vega eyeshadow fondly).....

Allidink said…
Awww! It's such a pretty color too! Darn them. Just buy it up!

All the best,

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