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I was thrilled to get an e-mail from Robyn, introducing her new website, Houzz. If you haven't heard of Houzz, it is really amazing. A "Flickr type" of site for home decorating!

On Houzz, you can browse photos, get ideas from hundreds of designers from around the world, and save it all in your virtual idea book. You'll find everything from professional designers and architects, to non-professionals, sharing photos and source information. Searching for a specific paint color? You'll find it there.

The great thing is that you can browse by style, room, space and cities. A little overwhelming, but very inspirational!

I found myself perusing many of the photos in the "eclectic" section. Right up my alley. This office (above) was featured in Domino magazine awhile back. I think this would be my dream office, if only I didn't have my huge piles of paperwork!

Rather than ripping out magazine pages, you can organize everything online. Although, I still like tearing those pages out!

Upload photos of your own space and create your idea book...

So be sure and head over to Houzz and start your idea book! I promise you'll be there for awhile!

photos from houzz.com


I always come a way with a treasure after visiting your blog...houzz looks fab! Jane T.
Every day I am amazed by people and their talents - Houzz is today's pick! Clever concept!
Unknown said…
Thank you for telling us about Houzz -had not heard of it- looks great -thanks
Paul Pincus said…
thanks for the heads up! houzz is amazing!

ps i like tearing those pages out too ; )
Thank you all!

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