How Clever!

Do you enjoy drinking Absinthe? Think again. Today I was reading the talented Lisa Golightly's blog, and she posted a photo that made my jaw drop! Lisa took her old Absinthe glass fountain and turned it into a "mouthwash fountain!" How?

She applied a French label, then mixed both clear and turquoise mouthwash to get the perfect shade of aqua. Now, that is beautiful. I love this idea. No ugly plastic Listerine bottles. Makes a bathroom fancy, doesn't it?

You can purchase some reasonably priced reproduction fountains here and here.

Thanks for the great idea Lisa!


Just picked my jaw up off the desk, too! That is GORGEOUS!

I only wish I had some countertop room to spare in my bath... :(

Thanks for this beautiful post and the link to Lisa GoLightly!

Have a great weekend!

Ruth, me too. I went crazy and have no counter space as well! In fact no counters in either of our bathrooms. (:
ana said…
excelent idea
and it looks wonderful
Tiny Bubbles said…
Wonderful theme for a blog. Feels like vintage fountains, with new twists. Very creative way to decorate and dispense mouthwash--can you say guest bathroom?? Regular Dixie cups just won't do! Any ideas??

Thanks for the inspiring post and link to lisagolightly's blog.
lisa golightly said…
As far as space for your bathroom ...a small sacrifice for living in that beautiful 1939 home of yours in SF ! How about your kitchen with dish soap ( I always mix that too )
Thank you so much for the mention.
You are a doll !

How wonderful to see this gorgeous photo yet again! That Lisa Golightly is so clever...
C. Anne said…
I have to admit, Absinthe intimidates me mainly becuase of the listerine colour. But I can see any number of pretty cocktails in that nostalgic dispenser that will be perfect for summer parties!
Unknown said…
that is a wonderful idea- thanks for sharing!
Allidink said…
That is really neat! My friend just turned 21 and I got her an absinthe spoon, sugar cubes, and absinthe flavored mints for her birthday LOL. I got an Eiffel Tower shaped spoon and I saw it for sale in one of those stores you linked too lol.

All the best,
Lisa & Alfie said…
Awesome to think outside the box with such gorgeous results. Stunning and I am definitely stealing inspiration from this post.
Lisa & Alfie
Tiny Bubbles, great question! Perhaps little tiny clear plastic cups, or too tacky?
it is such a fabulous and charming idea!
thank you for sharing!
Kirsten Steen said…
Wow, that is gorgeous! Thanks for that!
And enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Lara Harris said…
Beautiful piece...I love when someone does something creative like that!:o)
Di Overton said…
What an amazing idea. I am green with envy.

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