The Talented Mindy Weiss

One of the perks of my job is meeting interesting people in the most interesting fields. Our common thread is having a passion for vintage items.

Mindy Weiss

Some time ago I had blogged about vintage oil portrait collections, and included a photo from event planner, Mindy Weiss's collection, featured in O at Home magazine. Somehow via the internet, Mindy discovered my website, purchased a portrait, and we began to chat. This was Mindy Weiss…one of the most sought after event planners in the United States!

photo from

bejeweled wedding cake
photo from

exquisite outdoor seating
photo from

Mindy is delightful. Energetic, enthusiastic, talented and bubbly. No wonder why Mindy has planned weddings and parties for high profile clients such as Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi, Heidi Klum & Seal…and the list goes on!

In addition to Mindy’s event planning, she has her own product line for Two’s Company, which features everything from wedding organizer books & ring pillows, to bridal pajamas and scented candles. All in white and that beautiful aqua color that we love! Simply beautiful!

aqua Bar Mitzvah cards and yalmulkes
photo from

Mindy's e-store carries her Two’s Company line, and in addition, a section called “Gifts and Goodies I Love,” sharing her favorite things, including her custom invitations and stationary.

Mindy also wrote a book called "The Wedding Book; The Big Book for Your Big Day," available here.

This blog post cannot cover all of the amazing work that Mindy has done and continues to do!

In addition to Mindy’s event career, she is obsessed with antiques. She has several collections, and no matter what time she comes home from an event on a Saturday night, you can bet that she’ll be at a flea market early Sunday morning.

Mindy's collection of Campus Cuties
photo from the Mindy Weiss collection

photo from the Mindy Weiss collection

I had never heard about Campus Cuties until Mindy sent me these photos of her collection. These cute little plastic figurines were made in the mid-1960's by the Marx Company. With names like "Shopping Anyone?" and "On the Town," these girls just want to have fun!

Mindy's floral oils
photo from the Mindy Weiss collection

Along with my Mindy's treasured lady portraits, Mindy collects vintage floral oil paintings. Her is kitchen is covered with them...

Mindy isn't the only collector in the family. Her husband collects vintage clocks...
photo from the Mindy Weiss collection

Her extensive bellboy collection
photo from the Mindy Weiss collection

Mindy hopes to be selling vintage wedding and entertainment items on her e-store and I can’t wait! But, how much more can Mindy do? A lot on...

Owen's Market photos from

One day I was talking to Mindy on her cell phone. She was running around Beverly Hills doing a million things at once. She told me she had recently purchased Owen’s Market, an old neighborhood market in West Los Angeles. Mindy had a soft spot for salvaging this treasured little market, so she renovated it and got some event friends to sell their wares in the shop.

Owen's Market photos from

This wonderful market has a vast selection of specialty foods, organic produce, vintage cookbooks, gifts, candy and more. Totally adorable. Just look at those green & white checkered floors and green walls! Yet another creation from the talented Mindy Weiss.

I'm so thrilled to have met Mindy and shared some of her collections with you. Visit her website here, for her event planning services, portfolio and e-store. She also has a wonderful blog that you can check out here.



A small world indeed! Delightful post about an extraordinary talented woman! Wow - what hasn't she done?!? Amazing!

I love the story of how your worlds met - the vintage oil paintings. Beautiful collection!
Design Cracker said…
Wow Thanks for this beautiful post. I feel like I just took a trip to gorgeousville. What an amazing talent she is. Thank you
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness! What a n interesting post. I have been to Owen's and I loved it there, I had no idea Mindy Weiss owned it! Wow! I can't wait to check out her web site, I think she is so talented. What a small world and what a great opportunity to meet wonderful and inspirational people.
Maybe I'll run into her at the Rose Bowl on Sunday! :)
Great post Lynn!
Mélanie said…
Very interesting post to show how antiques , collection and internet can create opportunity to meet
ana said…
Beutiful post! all the wedding ideas are gorgeous specially the jewerly cake and her collections are so pretty!
Noel Solomon said…
I love festivities! And these are some FABULOUS Festive photos. Perfect eye candy for me.

xoxo Noel
Di Overton said…
God I am worn out just reading about her. :)
Just lovely. what a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. Happy Wednesday.
Unknown said…
Yes, Mindy's work is quite special and I love her collection of campus cuties~ thanks for sharing!
Wow. Great introduction to a really talented lady! Thanks so much!

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