Love these ruffled cowl neck tops from Econica on Etsy...Very festive indeed!


Now this is adorable! I adore ruffles!
So sweet! Love them! So busy haven't had a chance to get on Etsy~

Unknown said…
now that is the dress to waer to holiday parties! Love the ruffles,
happy holidays,

Cathi said…
That is very cute - love it!
So pretty and such lovely colours BUT, as I get older I think it's best if I leave the ruffles to the younger generation. I think that ruffles age me !! Still lovely though, Lynn. XXXX
Anonymous said…
Ah, Lynn, you sent me to Etsy and 3 hrs of my life is gone - pouff!
But look what i found...
savvycityfarmer said…
I must own one!!

Hi Lynn,
That is really cute. I made a little wish list for Santa on my blog and your bench made it!

Happy Holidays,
Fabulous Finds Gal
Such an elegant clothes. The color and the ruffles are just perfect. Awesome.

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