I realize that it's horrible having dogs poop on your lawns, but come on. I was walking Vito today and laughed hysterically had to chuckle when I saw this neighbor's sign. Decorative, don't you think? Adds a little class to the neighborhood...I'm wondering if vindictive people will let their dogs do it anyway?


I think that's asking for poop, whoops... I mean trouble! Thanks for making me giggle too, Lynn.
Oh dear......they may get what they didn't ask for!
Enzie Shahmiri said…
This must be one very frustrated gardener ~

I live in an equestrian zoned area and get heaps of horse ---- dropped right by the driveway. Funny sight to see me shovel manure, when I don't even own a horse :)

I feel for your neighbor ~ LOL
vicki archer said…
It must be a favourite stopping off point for les petites chiens....they are going to love it even more now! Have a happy weekend Lynn, xv.
Oh Lynn, what's a bit of dog poo between friends !! Aren't people funny ? Some people are terribly fastidious, aren't they ?
Really good and funny post. XXXX
Anonymous said…
I'm with the neighbor - I have two small children who like to run barefoot outdoors in the summer on our lawn. Yet I can't let them because inevitably I find dog poo in the yard. I'm all for owning dogs, but they shouldn't poop in other people's yards - that's just wrong.
Anonymous said…
Ooo! Pooo! I have to say, on behalf of gardening people who hate to scoop the poop of dogs unknown, and whose blossoms are ruined by dog pee, it doesn't seem like too much to ask that you Curb Your Doggies.

Everyone's gotta go, but sometimes the owners act as if the dogs can do it anyplace they wish.

Great post, Lynn!

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