San Francisco Haunts: Part One

After two grueling weeks of straight know... holidays + retail = I'm wiped. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Well...maybe just a little. I needed a little break, so I thought I'd take a couple of hours off today and peruse some of my favorite San Francisco haunts.

First stop, the new Crown & Crumpet Fancy Goods shop. Some months ago I blogged about Crown & Crumpet's charming tea salon in San Francisco's Ghirardelli Square. In November the talented Amy & Christopher Dean embarked on yet another journey -- the opening of their Fancy Goods POP-UP shop -- a treasure trove of unique little discoveries that you won’t find everywhere else.

The shop is filled with whimsical holiday ornaments, mini baking sets from Japan, make-up bags from England, sweet-smelling toiletries from the States, an array of beautiful bath and body products, sparkly jewels to wear, and candies that are almost too pretty to eat.

And I managed to buy some goodies (but, of course). And look at their cute gift bags!

I had to go upstairs and check out the tea room. Lucky for me, today Crown & Crumpet was closed for a private birthday party. Lots of little girls in party hats. It was precious.

Imagine what a treat to be a young girl and have "High Tea" with your little friends in such a cute setting! Can't we just be little girls for a day?

What's a trip to Ghirardelli Square without showing you photos? Oh yes, the famous Ghirardelli. Incorporated in 1852 and in continuous operation since then, Ghirardelli has the richest heritage of any American chocolate company.

My grandparents used to take me to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory when I was a little girl. It was so much fun watching the chocolate being made. Their hot fudge sundaes are still the best...
So, that's part of my day. Craving a little chocolate...More to follow tomorrow...

If you're in the San Francisco area, be sure and visit Crown & Crumpet's Tea Salon and Fancy Goods POP-UP shop. I guarantee you'll love them!

Crown & Crumpet
207 Ghirardelli Square
900 North Point
San Francisco, CA 94109

photos courtesy of Kristen Loken
and Lynn Goldfinger (me!)


Mélanie said…
Crown and crumpets look like a fabulous place for a birhtday party !!I love the little bird
These shops look wonderful, Lynn. I love the name 'Crown and Crumpet. Could produce a few sniggers in England as it has a slightly different meaning !!!! Don't ask me to explain. It's a bit rude !!
I would be in heaven in the chocolate shop. My one HUGE weakness.
I meant to ask you, do you know a restaurant called 'Papa Georgios' in Half Moon Bay. We went there once and had one of the best meals and enjoyed the way it had been decorated. I remember the chef coming out and throwing herbs on the open fire. It is a major memory of my travels. XXXX
Uncle Beefy said…
Okay, Lynn... where have I been? Why didn't I know you had a blog? Good lord... must pay attention! And I am dying to go to C & C!!! Maybe a little meet-up with you, Melissa of Ruby Press, & Victoria of sfgirlbybay? For some tea? Cream and sugar? (If by "cream and sugar" you mean "vodka" then YES!)
Unknown said…
Oh, yes, please, I would love to be a little girl again for a day. What a beautiful place full of tresures. Thank you for introducing me to it. I hope your Christmas Season is filled with joy and magic. :-)
I can't wait until the little crumb is a wee bit older, and we will celebrate her birthday party here with all her sweet little friends!
Noel Solomon said…
Oh you lucky duck! You have fo many fun shops. I would get carried away if I lived up there. UH UH UH Thank you for sharing the BEST.
FrenchBlue said…
Your invited to a birthday party at my house~ We'll have cake and icecream and alot of fun! Now not later!
Here not there! Uh Uh Uh!!! Crown and Crumpet is the best! Have your party here!!
melissa davis said…
Uncle Beefy- YES, we should!!! ;) SOOOO glad you loved Lynn!! (Not surprising as you have amazing taste!) xx

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