The Glam Life ~ Behind the Scenes at PHB

I know a lot of you folks that deal with vintage/antique items can relate to people saying "Oh, your business is so glamorous." I need to tell you, it's really not! (see the big Alleve bottle on the desk?)

Take a look at Erin here. She's been packing boxes (with the help of Dianna and myself) for several days straight...

I think more of our time is spent emailing and packing/shipping, as opposed to travel and glamour. But, that's the nature of the biz. And I still love it.

Poor Vito spends his days sleeping as we do our thing...

And still, there is so much more to box, schlep and ship, so I better sign off!

Hope you're having a great week!


vicki archer said…
Schlep and ship....the story of life Lynn......Happy weekend..xv

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