San Francisco Eats

I recently attended a wonderful exhibition called, "San Francisco Eats" right here at the San Francisco Public Library. The exhibition showcases San Francisco's food-obsessed culture dating back to the mid-19th century---something that 'yours truly' is fascinated by.

There is a huge wall collage of old black & white photos. I particularly like this one of an old bakery dating to the 1800's, once located right near the neighborhood I live in.

The exhibition includes menus by neighborhood, historical photographs, an array of food writers, cookbooks and culinary history, ephemera, and San Francisco food inventions, including gadgets and signature dishes.

The exhibition strives to highlight the major ethnic groups and food trends that led to the City’s recognition as the nation’s culinary pacesetter.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (once the Mayor of San Francisco), dining at the Fairmont Hotel.

A view of City Hall from the S.F. Public Library

If you're in the Bay Area and want to check out this wonderful exhibition, it runs through March 20th. Wonderful for food enthusiasts or anyone interested in old S.F. history.

San Francisco Public Library
Jewett Gallery
Main Library
100 Larkin St.
San Francisco, CA


Lissette said…
So amazing! That exhibit is right up my alley.

PS Love your outfit
Karena said…
How wonderful I love the posters/ or menus so great as you say to see in San Francisco.

Art by Karena
24 Corners said…
I'd love a peak inside the Glen Park bakery...what a fun exibit!
I hope Seattle will do the same some day.
xo J~
Jessica Wrasman said…
The puppies look pretty healthy and not too discontented. At their young age, they are probably used to being tossed around by their mom. Although, for a long period of time...mean. How cute are those little babes? I say let them run around in the onesies. :)
Uncle Beefy said…
You know me, Lynn... I'm not much into food or San Francisco. [Choke!] That's hard to even type out!

Oy veh... I would love to see this! For so many reasons! My parents have mentioned 'Alioto's' a million times over the years so it was wonderful to see it pop up in the photos.

Happy weekending! Thanks for the smile! :)

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