Ah, the color, power, emotion. Valentine's Day is around the corner, so of course I had to share some favorite 'red' images with you!

Brian Burt Photo

The Cherry Blossom Girl

Louis Armstrong via Wabi Sabi

first photo, The Cherry Blossom Girl

Oooh, pretty red...

I'm signing off early, so happy weekend to you!


lisa golightly said…
You knew I'd love this didn't you ? Love that red ! Happy Valentine's Day !
FrenchBlue said…
Let's gp damcing in those red ballet slippers now not later~~~
ramsam said…
Love it. Dreamy pictures, indeed
Carrie Miller said…
Love, love, love!
adoring your images- I love red! that Art Nouveau style red store front- wow!

24 Corners said…
These are fabulous and fun!!
xo J~
Dan said…
I love Paris! I love RED ♥ Those are truly inspiring. Who would not love to grasp some consciousness with these lovely stuffs. I am pretty much inspired with Paris boutiques and lovely styles.

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