Happy Monday + Heads Up!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

It reached a whopping 80 degrees here in San Francisco...something we rarely see any time during the year. Everyone here is in an unseasonably good mood, since we know it won't last too long before the cold returns.

Just a "heads up" to let you know that we're finishing up our final photographs and have oodles of new arrivals being showcased at Paris Hotel Boutique tomorrow! Be on the lookout tomorrow morning...

Wishing you a great week ahead!

image: Natalie Spencer Photography


La Dolfina said…
Hi Lynn,
It seems I just missed you yesterday at The Pointe. I saw Lisa and she looked fabulous. Love agrees with her. She seemed so relaxed and happy.
I think we should throw her a going away party when the time comes...
what do you think?
Terri, I know. It was soooo crowded yesterday. I think the party is a great idea! Lisa looked fab!
Happy Monday to you too Lynn and enjoy all of that glorious weather.....I only wish that we had some of it over here !!....although I mustn't complain when I think of the extremes that other's are experiencing all over the world.
Have a lovely week. XXXX
80 in San Francisco????? That's as nuts as 22 here!!!!!!! I'll have to check out the boutique!!!!Cute dresses and I love the vintage cameras!!!Maryanne xo
Hooray! Can't wait. So glad to be connected on Facebook with you too.

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