Happy Monday & Thank You!

Thanks to all of you for the sweet birthday wishes yesterday! So appreciated and heartfelt! I was really touched.

It was a great day, starting with little Vito greeting me with his birthday hat. Then my husband had our traditional little birthday table with cards and gifts before he rushed off to work.

Went with the girls to see The King's Speech and so glad I did! What a great ending to a birthday-- cozying up at home and watching Colin Firth win his Oscar!

The rest of the show was a bit of a sleeper, my highlight being an appearance of Billy Crystal and the Bob Hope hologram.

What were your best and worst Oscar moments?


Unknown said…
Happy Birthday! colin Firth is a very nice birthday gift, hehe...

La Dolfina said…
I do love me some Colin Firth!!!
So glad you had a lovely birthday :)
Unknown said…
I hope it is ok that I borrowed a pic from you with a link back?

I love Vito! He's so cute. Please visit my Chloe Honeygo Beasley's blog - click here. She's a Bichon like Vito! I also have my Paris blog, which I invite you to visit.

I confess - I missed the Oscars! I have been sick and went to bed early. I should have taped it. Maybe I can catch it online, but I always think the best thing is seeing the movies.

Glad you had a lovely birthday. I enjoy your blog!
Love your blog and Happy Birthday

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