Bejeweled Finds...

Just went on a little buying trip and bought some interesting Victorian jewelry. I am loving the different hues of blue of these rings.

Will be available to purchase next Tuesday!


Hi Lynn,
What gorgeous rings. You must get so excited when you go on a spending of the nice parts of your job I think.
Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Perhaps a photo of me in my maxi dress will be forthcoming !! Depends how I look !!
It's a lot harder nowdays......don't forget, I have 10 years on you !!!! haha XXXX
Jennifer said…
I'm in love with blue and these are wonderful!
Anonymous said…
Ooooh, the transparent oval one - so lovely!
Jennifer said…
I had fun writing a post about your lovely items....Jennifer
These are so beautiful!
These would look amazing on a bride! I'm in love with them.

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