Happy June!

It's hard to believe that it's already June! While some of you are basking in or simply avoiding the sun, we are filled with cold and rain here in San Francisco. C'est la vie!

This lovely centerpiece was enough to brighten my gloomy day. Via Once Wed, the arrangement was inspired by Atlanta painter, Michelle Armas and her colorful and cheery works of art. Michelle's brush cup was used as the vase. Isn't it pretty?

image: Once Wed


24 Corners said…
We're soggy in Seattle too! This image just brightened my day though...and I LOVE the vase!
xo J~

(I can't believe it's June either!)
Goose Vintage said…
Beautiful photo, flowers & backdrop!

The rain in SF can go away anytime...
mosaicology said…
background and vase all blend in perfection! thank you, happy June to you too!
...you know...I can be down or tired or just a little cranky, and, all I have to do is see a post from you on FB...and, it ALWAYS cheers me up! LOVELOVELOVE this photo...it looks like you could eat it...K
Aw, thank you gals! I'm glad I'm not the only one in soggy weather!
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful bouquet! Love those happy...sunny...June colors. Sigh. The sun will have to come out eventually...n'est-ce pas??!!! Thanks for the beauty. Trish

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