Monday, Monday...

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

When I came across this photo today on Pinterest, I thought it was me. The exhausted little girl. I spent the weekend surrounded by friends, starting to clean out my Mom's apartment. What an emotional and grueling task. I think I'm going to lay my head down like this precious girl and nap the day away. And, I even have some colorful slippers of my Mom's that I'll wear...

Wishing you a great week ahead!

sweet image from here


What a brilliant photo Lynn. One that we can all relate to as little girls I think.
Go and put a posh frock on and an odd pair of shoes and have a nice long nap Lynn.
Have a restful week. XXXX
24 Corners said…
Such a bittersweet image, and her peacefulness is what I wish for you this week. I love that one of those little 'slippers' is the color of the beautiful roses you posted for your mom.
Big hugs...
xoxo J~
That is just an adorable image - reminds me of Shirley Temple! : )

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