Duquette DECO-dence!

Oh my, my, my, my, my. I flipped when I came across these old photos of Bullocks Department stores.

In 1935 Tony Duquette was hired by Bullocks to change their interiors to reflect the seasons. Because Los Angeles has no discernible seasons, it was Duquette's job to make it appear as if they did.

Upon seeing his work, legendary decorator Elsie de Wolfe uttered the fated words, "Who is this kid, I've got to meet him." De Wolfe took Duquette under her wing and sent his career soaring.

How's that for some Deco Glam?

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you've done it again. a collection of photos that just takes my breath away.

margaret christine
notes from maggie's farm
Isn't it a shame that we don't have this sort of glamour in our department stores anymore Lynn ?
Anonymous said…
OMG this is amazing! I love it!
Unknown said…
How lovely!!! I actually worked at Bullock's when I graduated high school...though it didn't look that pretty. Why can't stores look like this today?
xoxo alison
Mar gar et said…
Those were the days that the customer would say to the clerk, "Wrap it and send it!"

Gorgeous, thank you for posting!
DH Hunter said…
Funny, I just discovered you when doing a search of Tony Duquette on Pinterest...Serendipity! I find a fantastic blog and photos from my first employer. Cheers to all of your efforts! PS as a local~ I totally appreciate the fab photos...
#Columbus Day. xo

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