The other day my friend Renee and I were driving around and she asked, "What did we do before we had a GPS? How did we ever find our way around?"

I'm sure you all remember the days of mapping out your route and getting lost along the way. There was something kind of fun about that though, wasn't there?

antique Isle de France map, 1642

I miss the old paper map. I miss having stacks of old tattered and folded maps in the car. I miss sitting in the passenger seat and highlighting how far we've gotten along the way.

Remember those thick Thomas Guides? I still have some of them in my van!

Hartford, Connecticut, 1927

I'm sorry, but as well as the GPS works, it often makes errors. Like the time it told me to make a u-turn in the middle of the freeway!

New York, New York, 1899

With a paper map, you can get a complete picture, plot your route, and have true satisfaction and awareness about where you are.

My husband is a concierge at a San Francisco hotel and I was pleased to hear that just about every hotel guest still requests a map. They get a San Francisco map and a walking map and they actually use them!

Maps are so visually beautiful, aren't they? If you're not going to use maps as travel guides, how about using them for decorating?

I'm just curious, how many of you still use a map?

Safe travels everyone!

1st image via beach bungalow


city bliss said…
adorable! giving me inspiration for my new apartment. xo

I use paper maps...I love to look at them and trace my finger along the lines, look for an alternative route...there are skeletons sitting in their cars in the deserts of the southwest and the owners of both the cars and bones had tried to use a GPS...
Fifi Flowers said…
J'adore maps as ART!!!
Paper maps are delightful and I love them the best, even in this digital age - so much easier to "navigate" and see the whole picture with a paper map. My favorite ones are illustrated/artist type of maps, sort of like the ones you get at a theme park. I found one for my Paris trip last September. I ought to frame it!

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