Toilet Hunting...

Yep, that's right...I'm searching for a new, but original vintage toilet for my bathroom. I am a purist and want to keep as much of the original fixtures as possible. Even though tiles are cracking and there's rust in the sink, I refuse to remodel or gut. It's those minor flaws that gives the house so much charm.

Our house was built in 1939 and I absolutely love the green basin and tub. Problem is that the toilet had been replaced at one time and now it's on the verge of history. I refuse to get white, so I'm scouring around for replacement toilets.

This basin (above) was found on They have some wonderful vintage fixtures, but I can't seem to find a complete toilet and I refuse to go with white. It has to be green!

It's so hard to find the right design and color, but Church Toilet Seats has a great toilet matcher chart. You use it by manufacturer and find your color number. Found out that mine is Surf Green.

Found this toilet lid (an exact match) on eBay, but need the rest of the toilet!

Another great source called Period Bath offers an array of vintage toilets...found this (above), but not complete!

So now I'm off to toilet salvage yards to see if I can't find myself a green toilet!

If you're looking to remodel your bath and retain original fixtures, here are some great sources:


Period Bath
Church Toilet Seats
Toilet Salvage

Also, Retro Renovation is a great source for vintage remodeling. Happy hunting!


I love you for doing this Lynn. It's so lovely that you are keeping the original fittings and are trying to find the matching toilet.
Good luck in your search. XXXX
webduck said…
Some time ago I had looked for replacement lid for our toilet (ours has a flaw) and got sidetracked on the name of sites that have replacements. I'm so lucky to have come here today to read your article (good luck on your quest!) and saw the picture of your replacement lid.
Lynn, don't laugh. But I think I may have spied one at Ohmega Salvage in Berkeley yesterday afternoon. (not being in the market for one myself, I just glanced at it because everything green or blue grabs me these days) If they don't have exactly what you want now, maybe they can put you on some kind of Wish List. Happy hunting!
Thank you all. Glad we all appreciate the good old vintage.

Joan, oh my, I'm going to have to take a ride over to Ohmega!!

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