Missoni for Target FRENZY!

This morning I was perusing one of my favorite blogs and she mentioned the Missoni collection for Target launching today. The curious person that I am, of course I had to mosey over to Target's website to check it out. Well, the site was down. See above photo. Target, down? That's big.

Turns out that there was quite a frenzy and everything sold out! Even Twitter (above) is going mad!


Look at this shopper (above) from New England with a full cart. She was reported screaming, hoarding and pushing! Does she really need dozens of zig zag dresses for her wardrobe?

Glad that frenzy shopping is still alive and well in the USA.

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Anonymous said…
Love it! But you're right, why be a hoarder? How did the sale go at One King's Lane? xc
Unknown said…
I also made my way to Target this morning after seeing the website down. It was a feeding frenzy for sure. At 9AM everything was gone; people had been in line since 7AM or earlier. The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth; this was a shameful display of greed. Some women had their wagons piled high with Missoni merchandise; perhaps to sell on Ebay. My sister was actually run into by a woman's shopping cart and her arm was bleeding! It seems so unfair that some women were able to make off with wagonloads of stuff and I will need to be happy with the one Missoni item left; gift tags....
Kelley said…
I literally witnessed a woman accusing another woman of taking things from her cart. The woman reached into the other woman's cart and there was literally physical contact between the two. I thought it was going to go to blows! It's crazy!
Everything was gone in the Dallas stores by 8:30am.

Kelly said…
Yes, saw a woman really stocking up her cart. Not to be snarky, but judging from her general style and size, I'm guessing that size Small knit dress wasn't for her.

To be honest, I handled a couple of their vases, black and silver metallic, and they were not well made at all, in terms of the paint or transfer. The silver was smudged in certain spots. I'm sure quality assurance is hard, but for $30 at Target, that better be a perfect-looking vase!

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