I'm Coveting...

Oregon-based pumpkin artist, Daria Knowles of Hot Skwash, creates these gorgeous velvet pumpkins by using unwanted pumpkin and squash stems that growers save for her. Aren't they divine?

I was in a boutique yesterday and just had to buy one. Couldn't decide which color--they're all so lovely. I purchased an 8" silver one. Figured it would fit in well with my decor.

Darla's keen eye for color, texture, and shape gives each treasure its own personality..they even have a vintage feel to them...

And best of all, Hot Skwash donates a portion of proceeds to the Learning Community, a non profit dedicated to providing free parenting resources to parents who are dedicated to raising healthy, happy kids but who may not have the information or support they need.

You can purchase these gorgeous pumpkins online here! I'm tempted to buy more!

images via Hot Skwash


Utterly fabulous Lynn! How could you only buy one? Hope your weekend is relaxing and wonderful. XO

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