Featured Item: c. 1900 French Handpainted Portrait Suite

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I thought I'd share one of my favorite items available at our shop; a turn of the 19th century French handpainted enamel & foil marcasite portrait suite including a large brooch and pair of earrings. I was thrilled to find the entire set!

The handpainted brooch has a vibrant deep red background with foil accents. Frame is sterling silver and has a rim of marcasite stones. Marked "FRANCE" on back. Such lovely detail--just knocks me out!

The clip earrings are also handpainted with foil accents and marcasite rims. They have an interesting loop attached to a chain that sit on your earlobes and function as safety chains.

The 3 pieces are in superb condition and absolutely exquisite in person. A rare, beautiful set of French jewelry. Available for purchase here.


Im Spiegel said…
so pretty!

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