You Spoke, We Listened!

Last month I asked you to tell me what you really felt about Paris Hotel Boutique by filling out a survey. I finally finished reading through the hundreds of comments and am pleasantly surprised by your overwhelming response! I had no idea what a helpful bunch you were!

Most of you seemed truly happy with the boutique the way it is, but there is always room for improvement, so I thought I'd touch on a few things that may help your shopping experience.

First and foremost...

You like us, you really like us! I was blown away by the sheer number of you that commented about our unique & unusual items, and how PHB takes you back to another time. One of you said, "Currently, PHB is an escape from my reality. It allows me to vacate the grim, day-to-day blehs, into a time when life was kinder, more civil and affordable. A time when romance, glamour and social graces were the norm and not the exception." Why, thank you dear customer. Many of you complimented our customer service, photography, speedy delivery and special touches. Our team thanks you for that.

Your favorites. Accessories, hotel silver & jewelry were some of your favorite categories. You wanted to see more of the same, but many suggested more men's items. So, on that note, we're going to be launching a new category called, "Gents Quarter," carrying everything from vintage barware & tobacciana, to desk accessories & jewelry. Sure, you women can shop there too, but it will be an entire category devoted to you gentlemen. Look out for it in March!

Sold, darn! Some of you mentioned the frustration of receiving our monthly 'new arrivals' mailing, only to have the item you covet already sold when you arrive at the site. Since every item is one-of-a-kind, pieces tend to sell rather quickly the day of the mailing.

Well, our VIP list may just be the answer. If you wish to have a days advance notice of our upcoming arrivals, you can be added to our VIP mailing list. Simply shoot us an email to, and put "add it VIP" in the subject line and we'll happily add you to that list. Currently the VIP list is only 5% of our customer base, so this gives you a chance to know when the new pieces are going to be featured well in advance. I wish there was a way to provide you more inventory, but I'm the sole buyer for the shop, and the pickins' are getting slimmer!

Sales. You asked for sales and we're bringing them your way! We are currently working on a new sales platform, and you'll be the first to get a 'heads up' as soon as it's ready!

And the winners are... I wanted to announce our survey prize winners... Darla from Alabama, Melody from Tennessee, and Sharon from Nevada. Thank you!

Many thanks again to all of you who participated in our survey. The loyalty among you long-time customers is astounding, and the input from everyone was truly helpful and appreciated!

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