Finding Balance.

When I started selling antiques a little over 15 years ago, there was no social marketing. Most of my time was spent treasure hunting for items to sell through shops and antique newspapers. Then eBay started and I was one of the first to hop on that bandwagon. I bought my first digital camera, a clunky Sony Mavica, and online sales starting rolling. It was a thrill! In 2002, Home Companion magazine decided to do a feature on my house, which inspired me to open my web shop, Paris Hotel Boutique.

I've loved my "career." Buying things that I love and giving them a new home. But alas, social marketing started. First it was blogging, then Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and currently Pinterest. I've tried my best to participate in all as best as I could with passion and fervor. I've met amazing people such as yourselves, kindled new friendships, and had new avenues to communicate with my customers. All good, right? What could be better than that?

Last week I had an epiphany of sorts. I realized that I have been spending more time blogging and on Facebook, doing bookkeeping and answering emails, than out acquiring new pieces and having some leisure time. Blogging has almost become a daily thing for me, with no regrets of course. I love blogging. But when my mind is preoccupied with what to post the next day, and I'm spending 3 hours writing a blog post, it's time to reevaluate. Psst...weight gain from sitting at this computer is also a factor!

My number one job/passion is being out in the world buying the most unique vintage and antique pieces for you. Running around like a maniac in the rain and cold in the wee hours of a Sunday morning, while the rest of the world is sipping their mocha lattes, well that's what we crazy antique dealers do!

I know that many of you are also trying to find that balance between your work, family life and social marketing. And maybe even some time off here and there. A vacation perhaps? I know our plates are definitely full.

Okay, so what's my point here? If you've read this far, thanks for bearing with me! I've decided to limit my blogging to once or twice a week, cut back on Facebook a bit. Very little Twitter. Basically finding that balance. I'll still be here blogging, just not as much.

I apologize for the long-winded post...something I usually try to avoid, but wanted to let you know why you may be seeing less of me on here.

Wishing you all a great weekend and hope you too are finding your balance in this digital world of ours!

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Dear Lynn,
For what it's worth, I think that it's the right thing to do ..... blogging really does take up SO much time to the detriment of normal life and real life is far more important. I'm so pleased that you are not completely abandoning your blog and will still be around. Enjoy finding balance and I, for one, will look forward to your posts as usual but just not as many !! Lots of love. XXXX
Renée said…
Hi Lynn,
You are absolutely right. Sitting behind the computer consumes so much time, more then you intend to spend. Before you know it hours have passed. Time you could have spend on your true love: To hunt and search for unique antiques and treasured items. And spend time with your family and friends. As a avid reader of your blog I'm looking forward to reading your future weekly or bi-weekly posts and viewing all the wonderful things you'll find. Just as long as once in a while you throw in some San Francisco info in the mix. Wether it be a wonderful video like you did not so long ago or something trivial like how the weather is. I have a huge crush on your city. I'm visiting in the fall of 2014 and love reading about it on your blog.
Have fun with your new found time for treasure hunting.
A big hug from Amsterdam.
Annbritt said…
Never, EVER apologize for writing long pieces - every time I read what you have written,especially if it is long, it's like getting a wonderful gift that I read and treasure. And if you decide to blog only once or twice a week, well, then I will make sure to cherish those two posts and wish you a good time doing whatever you choose to do instead of blogging.
Jacqueline, Renee & Annbritt, you girls are the BEST! I'm thoroughly flattered that you read my blog and can't thank you enough for leaving comments on it. Your words today are extra-special. Renee, you're so right about spending time on my true love--during the last week I've already bought tons of new inventory just by managing my time better.

Thanks again all! Have an enjoyable weekend!

Anonymous said…
While I was reading, towards the middle I thought "uh-oh. Lynn is trying to quit on us". Came to the end, and exhale - not yet!
Although less pretty images, inspirational posts and beautiful objects (that i am used to!) to brighten my day is not that great - but at least you're not calling it quits, as some people I won't name.

I do understand you, though. My blogging/reading blogs habits progressed way dangerously into "can't control anymore" zone - so I cut exposure and weeded blogroll mercilessly to avoid distraction
Being crazy busy with the new job helps to fight addiction, too (never thought I'll be designing hotels, but I do now! for about a month. Very exciting.)

It's a right thing to do, Lynn. I sympathize - and wish you you much joy from the hunt and to your business - prosperity!
24 Corners said…
Lynn, your post was a breath of fresh air, I feel you beautifully expressed what so many of us bloggers feel, that time spent in social media, even though much loved, takes away from our other loves, and I commend you for recognizing it and planning accordingly, and wish you much joy as you indulge in many future treasure hunting escapades and adventures!!
It will be so fun to see what you find!
xo J~
Creaky & 24 Corners, thanks so much for commenting here too. You are too kind!

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