Yes it's true! Woody Allen Movie Prop Sale!

Did any of you see Woody Allen's movie, Midnight in Paris? One of my favorite Woody films to date. For those who have not seen the movie, Midnight in Paris is about an American screenwriter in Paris who somehow finds himself magically transported back to the city's 1920s era each evening.

Well, imagine a prop sale with items that Woody Allen carefully chose? Many from the Paris Flea Market! The flash sale site Gilt Home be offering up movie props from the film beginning tomorrow, (February 23rd) at 9:00 am/PST 12:00 pm/EST.

So, many of the pieces in the sale will be antique & vintage items from the 1920s, such as a record album found at a Paris flea market, Adriana’s diary (a main prop in the film), also found at a Paris flea market, and the empty chocolate box from one of the movie’s funniest scenes.

And best of all, the entire net proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

If you're not a member of Gilt Home, register in advance here.

So excited for this sale!!!


helen tilston said…
I loved the movie. It was one of the best.

The auction is for a wonderful cause

Unknown said…
Hi Lynn! This is amazing. Midnight in Paris is such an incredibly beautiful movie. I wonder if they will have her little mesh purse? Hmmm, I'm thinking I need to purchase a little something! Thanks for the heads up!
Hope you are well.
FrenchBlue said…
Only seen this 4 times! Almost as many times as Grey Gardens:)
Do you think the Goyards will be for sale? I don't, I think maybe Mr. WA rented those...what do you think?
Mr Paul said…
I adore this movie. I wonder if the old gramphone will be up for sale?!


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